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Man of God.
Social Worker.

John C. Fuller is a Social Worker, Mental Health Therapist, and most importantly, a Man of God from Elizabeth, New Jersey. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies from Montclair State University and his Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University. 

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My Book
A Word For Us
A 90-Day Devotional Book focused on connecting with God on a deeper level.



Have you ever wanted to connect with God and His word on a deeper level, but there were barriers in place that stood between you and the deep intimacy you desired? Maybe you've tried to read the Word of God or listen to other preachers or teachers of the Bible, but you couldn't quite connect with the language of God, and the lessons you heard were lost in translation. As a result of this language barrier and disconnect, living for God became difficult. The simple practices of faith, such as prayer, seemed impossible to live out because you were unsure of the words to say or language to use when communicating with God. 


A Word for Us was written for those who are experiencing this disconnect. Through this 90 Day Devotional, author John C. Fuller seeks to highlight God's Word in a way that helps readers connect with God on a practical level. John believes the Word of God serves two primary purposes in our lives -it helps us live a life that honors God (righteousness) and live a life in service to God (purpose). In this text, he explores various spiritual practices, such as learning how to pray, increasing our faith, and the path to discovering our callings. Through his work, John hopes to take the timeless truths found in the Bible and contemporize them for those who desire to have a deeper relationship with God.

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"God wants us to live our best lives, but for us to do that, we must align with God's will for our lives an walk in the divine purpose He has assigned to our lives.

God gave each of us a job to complete while we are here, and we must develop as individuals to stand successfully in the position that God reserved for us."


Truly excited for the upcoming release of this book. Looking forward to the devotional activities and strengthening my relationship with God!

Mike E.

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