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Author and Founder of Therapy for Us, John C. Fuller, has 7 years of social work experience by serving as a Childcare Counselor, Care Manager, School Social Worker, Mental Health Therapist, and currently an Intervention Specialist. John’s experiences have provided him opportunities to engage and help create change within several populations such as: education, substance abuse, and at-risk/juvenile detention. 


John uses a strength based approach focusing on the individual, discovering and utilizing the various strengths they may or may not have been aware of, leading to an increase in self-esteem, confidence, and empowerment.

John seeks to continue to make a positive impact in today's society by developing workshops focused on empowerment. 

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Therapy for Us was created to help individuals find and utilize their strengths. Many times, we are not aware of the various strengths we possess because our weaknesses or as I like to call them “areas of growth” are mostly highlighted. This can become discouraging especially when trying to discover our purpose in life. Being able to acknowledge, accept and assess where we are in life will help us to tap into our true abilities such as our strengths and areas of growth. Soon, this will produce a growth mindset that leads to the preparation and positioning needed for our purpose. 


Through workshops, I will help to empower all individuals to become one with self by helping to increase self-esteem, self-awareness, self-care and more. In addition, gain the necessary tools or resources to thrive in today’s society. As one begins to grow, they will be able to plant seeds not only for themselves but for the generations after them to one day bear fruit. When you are fruitful your light shines in such a way that all those you encounter will feel your greatness.


“God gave each of us a job to complete while we are here, and we must develop as individuals to stand successfully in the position that God reserved for us." - John C. Fuller


Serving: Middle school - College students nationwide!

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